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Elderly Home

As a team of SSB Foundation we are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age. We conduct psychological programs and workshops for the sick and unhealthy people to understand them life is always beautiful. We motivate and inspires for further increase their happiness and satisfaction.
Enable Choice
Preserve Dignity
Encourage Independence
Promote/ Enhance Quality of Life


One of the major constraints Elders face these days is access to hygienic, fresh, and timely food.
At SSB Foundation: we believe that one of the keys to a happy living among elders is to get adequate, well balanced, hygienically cooked food in time.
We put in a lot of efforts in understanding each individual needs, diets, medical condition and then plan their meal. While most of the meals are planned for all inmates together, individual preferences will be taken into account.


Morning: Tea / Coffee / Beverage of their choice.
Breakfast: Idli / Dosa / Upma / Poha / Rava Idli / Chapati / Sandwich / Rice Recipes like Pulao, Puliogere and Tomato Rice etc.
Mid-morning snack: Butter milk with sprouts /salads, or Tea / Coffee with biscuits.
Lunch & Dinner: – Rice, Sambar/Rasam, Vegetables, curds.
Evening snacks: – Coffee / tea / beverages with biscuits / home baked cookies / bun and breads.


Like at any home, inmates will have access to
Satellite cable TV
DVD players (with choice of old movies)
Music players and Computers with hi-speed internet access.
Picnics will be organized frequently to nearby places.
Mind stimulating group activities to make inmates stay active mentally.
Assistance will be provided to those who need help in using internet.


Our housekeepers regularly clean and mop all the areas with sterilizers/disinfectant.
Laundry of bed sheets, towels, with ironing of daily wear.
Arranging and cleaning of beds and rooms daily.
Maintain clean toilets and sanitation.
Bed-bath to those who need.
Equipped with backup-power.


Daily medication.
Monitoring of BP, Sugar levels.
Dressing of wounds.
Provide help in moving around, eating food etc.

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