The Goal of Wow Power Yoga is Breath, Meditate Balance, Stretch, Strength, Heal, Wellness and Feeling Amazing

We are very delighted to see your interest in International Certified Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification (ICYTTC) Course. We truly believe Meditation and Yoga is one point solution to excel in all aspects of one’s life.

With regard to your enquiry, please find below the curriculum for the BASIC Level.

Curriculum: Teacher’s Training Certification Program – Level 1 (BASIC)
Topic Coverage Contents
Book 1: Asanas 50 Asanas 50 different poses (Asanas) explaining the formation, Breathing Methodology, Benefits & Precautions
Book 2: Formulae 1.Core Muscle
3.Weight Management
The Formulae are scientifically designed and intelligently formulated that aims at
1.Toning shoulders, legs & glutes
2.Shedding excess fat and improving posture.
3.Improving flexibility & making the body supple.
Book 3: Namaskaras Surya Namaskar Chandra Namaskar The Namaskaras are divine techniques that help in activating the power of Surya Nadi (Sun Channel) and Chandra Nadi (Moon Channel) within the body which results in nourishing body & spirit
Book 4: Abhyaas Abhyaas 1 & Abhyaas 2 Abhyaasas are set of asanas put together as a flow and have been specifically designed as a flow to strengthen the entire body focusing on building the core muscle and toning the waist
Book 5:
Philosophy & Special Practices
Pranayama Techniques
Meditation Techniques
Mantra & Kirtans
Slokas from Bhagwat Gita
These are specific practices that help in
1.Enhancing spiritual knowledge
2.Influencing Nadi Stithi (Mudras) for Enhanced Pranic Flow
3.Practices to calm mind, cleanse entire body & releases toxins, build immunity, improves overall body functioning

Please find below the Duration, Timings & Program fees for the ONLINE program. Timings mentioned below are subject to change based on availability and convenience of the master/guru/guruma and participant. 

Fee Structure: International Certified Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification (ICYTTC) – Level 1
Timings Friday – Saturday
Program Fee (Including Taxes) Current Offer Price AED 3500 Actual Price AED 4000

This course offers regular 1-hour classes (Monday and Wednesday or Friday and saturday) as complimentary for the participants of the course for the duration of the course. The regular class happens at 12AM and  12PM . Either of the classes can be attended. 
Please note

  1. Registration Form will be provided at the start of the Program
  2. Books will be handed over in person (if offline) or physically sent to your registered address (if online) at the start of the Program. Each topic mentioned in the curriculum will be covered
  3. As part of registration process, we would require Proof of Residence, Proof of Identity, Facebook/Instagram handles

Upon your confirmation with regard to joining the course, we would send the details of the process of payment.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help. Kindly share your contact details for further communication
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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